Mid-Load UltraStore Automated Storage Retrieval System (AS/RS)

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ISD Mid-Load UltraStore AS/RS
Mid-Load UltraStore Automated Storage Retrieval System (AS/RS)
Mid-Load UltraStore Automated Storage Retrieval System

ISD ASRS Automated Storage & Retrieval System

The Cost Effective mid-load UltraStore Automated Storage and Retrieval System provides a high density, labor saving goods-to-man operation at a lower cost.

With an emphasis placed on reliability, flexibility, and cost effectiveness, the UltraStore automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) has been designed from the ground up to meet the needs of organizations requiring automated high density storage.

Whether the loads are items, cases, pallets or material with unique sizes and dimensions, the ISD UltraStore ASRS is able to uniquely meet your needs. Various mast, platform and extractor designs can be utilized to meet your requirements. The UltraStore ASRS flexibility includes a number of standard designs or enables ISD’s engineers to develop and implement a custom solution… quickly and easily.

The ISD UltraStore automated storage and retrieval system is based on a crane which rides directly on the floor surface (no need to cut out existing concrete floors). The ASRS moves up and down the aisle and an extraction platform simultaneously moves to the proper height and then inserts or extracts the load at the rack location. The extractor can be designed to use forks, belts or gripper devices depending on the specific size, weight and handling requirements. Retrieved items are delivered to a work station or integrated conveyor.

UltraStore automated storage and retrieval system Perfect-Uptime™ feature allows the system to be productive even during scheduled maintenance periods.

System down time can be virtually eliminated by implementing the Perfect-Uptime™ option. The surface mounted UltraStore ASRS crane and extractor system can be easily moved out of the aisle and the Perfect-Uptime™ lift truck, with special fork attachment, is used to pick and replenish loads until the crane and extractor unit is ready to be used again.

The UltraStore automated storage and retrieval system has been designed and engineered utilizing off the shelf parts to reduce the cost and lead time often associated with proprietary spare parts. Plus this design allows users to train their internal maintenance departments for a quick response.

UltraStore ASRS Benchmark setting levels for flexibility and cost effectiveness.

Because the UltraStore automated storage and retrieval system guide rail is mounted on the surface of the floor (not embedded in the floor or on pylons), it's faster and easier to install and move for future uses. Whether the move is within the same facility or to another location, the UltraStore ASRS can be relocated quickly and efficiently. Likewise, the modular approach to the systems design allows for different retrieval forks, belts or grippers to be utilized in the future if the application changes. Very few automated systems have such flexibility built right into the design and construction which helps provide a fast ROI on the acquisition cost and, more importantly, the cost of ownership for years to come.

Just A Few UltraStore ASRS Applications:

High Density Storage | Feeding Production Lines | Buffering Items | Work in Process | Sorting and Staging

Feeding Inventory to Pick Zones | Quarantined Items | Freezer and Refrigerated Storage | Order Picking | Rainbow Pallet Building

UltraStore Automated Storage and Retrieval System Benefits:

  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI) due to cost effectiveness
  • Highly flexible design to handle almost any type of load
  • Perfect-Uptime™ option helps keep the system operational even during scheduled maintenance periods
  • System relocation is faster and easier than other systems
  • Saves up to 85% of existing floor space
  • Reduces labor by up to 2/3 or more
  • Improves flow and accessibility
  • Emphasis on off the shelf components for easy maintenance
  • Intuitive controls reduces training efforts
UltraStore ASRS Standard Model Specifications:
Load Characteristics: Imperial Metric
Length: 18" to 108" 457 to 2743 mm
Width: 10" to 60" 254 to 1524 mm
Weight: up to 2000 lbs. up to 907 kg
Height: up to 96" 2.4 m
Height: up to 35 ft. 10.7 m
Throughput/Transactions up to 180 per hour

Consult ISD for full range of specifications and special models
All numbers are nominal and subject to change without notice

ISD UltraStore ASRS


ISD UltraStore Mid-Load ASRS