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Pallet Management System with Tote & Pallet Stackers

Most everything you see on a store shelf has been on a pallet or in a tote. Materials handling operations use pallets at multiple stages, from receiving raw materials to moving finished products. But how can pallet handling be more efficient? 

Keep pallet inventory moving 

Effective pallet management looks different to different operations. But no matter your product mix or square footage, automating your pallet handling with pallet stackers reduces repetitive, dangerous work. Let ISD design a cost-effective pallet management system that lightens your load.

Manual pallet handling is slow and risky

Moving pallets around a warehouse space with human operated forklifts can be inefficient and unsafe. Processes like preparing pallets to take goods off the line are repeatable but cumbersome when done by humans, leading to slowdowns at best and injuries to your team at worst. Enter pallet automation.

Boost effective pallet management with automation

Pallet handling is improved by adding automation. Automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) efficiently transport pallets between warehouse docks and various locations, offering greater flexibility and space utilization compared to human labor or traditional conveyors. Meanwhile, tote and pallet stackers, along with de-stackers, ensure continuous feeding of supply lines by providing the necessary containers.

Stack of wooden pallets for managing pallets in a warehouse

Standardize your supply chain 

Pallets used to be made of all different sizes and materials. Now, many operations leaders are investing in high quality, cost effective, reusable wood pallets that can be repaired or recycled. They know that proactively managing their pallet supply and pallet handling within their facility helps cut costs, reduce injuries, and boost productivity.

Totes are highly customizable and come in almost every size imaginable. They’re made of many different types of materials. Tote stackers and de-stackers can be customized to handle most tote sizes and characteristics, and can help manage the tote consolidation and delivery processes.

Speed up production with pallet stackers

When you’re ready to take products off the line, it’s crucial for the pallets holding these items to be prepared, too. Rather than relying on manual transportation by operators between the dock and the line, the implementation of automated tools like pallet stackers guarantees continuous readiness, enabling optimal uptime across all shifts.

Improve pallet handling for improved distribution

At every stage of warehousing and distribution, operations leaders need to manage totes and pallets. Receiving. Storing. Picking. Packing. Shipping. Managing and moving your pallet supply manually means slowing down your fulfillment rate to the least efficient step of that process. Automated pallet management lets you do more.

Save space, improve efficiency, and reduce risk

Pallet management programs save space, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of injuries and costly errors. They help you make the most of the investment you’ve already made in quality pallets. Do the benefits of pallet management automation make it the right choice for your warehouse?

Todd Emmons

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the exceptional job your team did on our ASRS expansion project. Completing the project ahead of schedule exceeded our expectations and showcased your teams project management skills getting all materials delivered on time and scheduling work around production downtime. Job well done!”  

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