Turnkey Warehouse Automation and Integrated Systems Solutions to help Minimize Costs and Optimize Labor

The patented UltraProducts line offers automated material handling solutions for warehousing and distribution, multichannel, and manufacturing applications. Each system focuses on flexibility, reliability, and cost effectiveness.

UltraStore (ASRS)

Mid-load ASRS stores and retrieves cases, pallets, or material with unique sizes and dimensions.

UltraSert Document Printers

Automatically print and insert customized material lists with every order at up to 3000 pages per hour.

UltraBatch Orderpicking

These workstations increase productivity while reducing labor. Workstation lights tell the operator what to do.


Increase capacity and reduce labor at lower cost and complexity of push back, drive-in, and shuttle systems.


Order fulfillment software enables “build your own” or augmentation of existing systems and processes.


Improves operator productivity, increase order accuracy and extend order cut off times.


UltraBot IE robot can provide up to 85% space savings and handle up to eight transactions per minute.

UltraControl Conveyers

Lower costs using off-the-shelf components and field-proven experience to design or improve an existing system.

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