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automated batch picking system working in distribution center

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More products and reduced operational cost

ISD Partners with Vitacost for Streamlined Operations in New Facility Expansion

  • ISD was challenged with creating a system capable of handling more than 8,000 orders daily during peak periods.
  • ISD needed to minimize labor requirements.
  • Orders varied significantly, ranging from single-line purchases to orders with hundreds of lines, necessitating multiple shipping cartons
  • Orders encompassed individual units, cases, and soft package goods.
  • The primary objectives of the design revolved around reducing labor needs and enabling an increase in order processing volume
  • Additionally, the system aimed to efficiently manage dense pallet inventory while facilitating the expansion of the inventory model by incorporating additional SKUs.

ISD Implements Advanced Inventory Analysis and Automation System for Streamlined Order Processing

Vitacost, a leading e-commerce distributor specializing in health products, was moving to a larger facility to support its growth. Objectives included expanding storage for more products, improving order processing, and reducing operational costs. ISD, known for its work with Vitacost, was tasked with designing an efficient operational system.

Linking streamlined operations and automated order routing

Integrated system transformed inventory management and order processing

To address inventory and order management needs, ISD conducted thorough analysis and developed an integrated system. Key components such as the A Frame system for efficient high-velocity item picking, pick-to-light functionality in flow racks, and multiple horizontal carousels for SKU handling were implemented. These components were seamlessly connected by high-speed sorters and conveyors, enabling automated order routing throughout the entire system.

Efficient automation from picking to manifest

Advanced technology suite revolutionizes order processing and shipping accuracy

The technology suite included the ISD UltraBatch system for carousels, automated weight and dimension measurements, automated document and invoice printing using the ISD UltraSert system, and fully automated print-and-apply systems. All pickers, including those utilizing the A Frame system, contributed to filling various sizes of shipping containers, with the system meticulously validating carton weights for accuracy. Ultimately, the downstream manifest system autonomously managed weighing, validation by weight, application of shipping labels, and sorting based on carrier and service levels, without any human intervention.

ISD’s advanced technology suite streamlines order processing and shipping, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while reducing labor. 

Affordable integration for seamless order processing and shipping

  • Reduced labor
  • Expanded storage capacity to handle broader range of SKUs
  • Enhanced order processing for direct-to-consumer orders
  • Reduced operational costs
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