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Warehouse Scales

In manufacturing and distribution, accuracy matters. The more information you have about what you’re receiving and shipping, the more efficient and safe your operation will be. Warehouse scales add accuracy at every step. 

Automated dimensioning & weighing systems

Accurate weights and dimensions are important inputs at every stage of your operation. Whether by verifying incoming goods against orders, determining their storage locations, or preparing shipping manifests, the utilization of warehouse scales and dimensioning systems ensures the accuracy necessary for a successful and profitable business.

Complexity can increase operational errors

Maybe your warehouse is producing hundreds of product types for an OEM. Or your e-commerce fulfillment center is managing thousands of SKUs for an omnichannel retailer. In either case, the more goods that go in and out of your operation, the more chances there are for things to go wrong. An automated dimensioning and weighing system reduces errors and keeps you on track.

Warehouse scales catch errors early

When receiving goods, warehouse scales — including floor scales, pallet jack scales, and scales with ramps — weigh pallets and cases, automatically tracking weight and size. If you get more or less of an item than you’re expecting, you’ll know immediately. And when it’s time to ship, heavy-duty, legal-for-trade scales confirm the weight of goods for commercial sale and in-motion scales catch costly underweight or overfilled shipments.

Safer, faster weighing

You want your team to be operating in the safest possible environment. Automated in-motion scales allow truck operators to weigh their cargo without leaving their truck. Heavy-duty floor scales, including scales with ramps, allow your team to wheel or drive goods directly onto the scale to weigh pallets, cubes, and irregularly-shaped items. Everyone stays safe and you get the data you need.

Rely on automation for accurate weighing

You need data to know how your operation is running. But manually collecting information on the weight and dimensions of all the goods you receive and send out is inefficient and unsafe. Warehouse scales and automated dimensioning and weighing systems give you accurate data without distracting your team.

More accurate manufacturing with weighing processes

You’re being asked to make more products with less lead time. Being able to receive, verify, and put away supplies quickly is vital. Automated dimensioning and weighing systems give you the data you need to make the most efficient use of your space when you’re preparing for production, and to get orders past quality control and ready for shipping as soon as they come in.

Make more goods with warehouse scales

The more organized your manufacturing facility, the more goods you can produce. Warehouse scales help streamline the putaway process by measuring the exact size and weight of incoming supplies, so you can store them in the most efficient place for your production line. They can also help speed up the quality control process by checking dimensions and weight against expectations, ensuring only perfectly-made products go out the door. 

Safer, more efficient, and low-profile

Whatever your manufacturing operation, ISD will design a weighing solution that works for you. We’ll take your products, workflows, budget, and space into consideration and design the automated dimensioning and weighing system that will add the most accuracy to your space.

Unlocking distribution with dimensioning

Your distribution facility needs to move quickly to get customers their orders in time. But going fast can lead to increased errors, which only adds to your workload (and reduces your profits). You need efficient, easy-to-operate ways to automatically quality control shipments — and that’s what warehouse scales can do.

Quick quality control

Pick, pack — and verify

Warehouse scales allow you to send your customers exactly what they’ve ordered without having to hand-inspect every package. You store the individual weight of each item in your product database, along with the weight of your packing materials. Before a group of packages go out, your ISD-designed dimensioning and weighing system will automatically calculate the total weight of the shipment and verify it on an in-motion scale. 

Receive and ship goods for ecommerce with maximum accuracy and minimal investment

At ISD, we believe in providing our customers a fast ROI on automation processes. If you’re interested in investing in an automated dimensioning and weighing system, we’ll design a unique solution for your warehouse. 

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