UltraBatch Dynamic Batch Picking Workstation

ISD UltraBatch Dynamic Batch Picking
UltraBatch Dynamic Batch Picking Workstation


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UltraBatch Dynamic Batch Picking Workstation

ISD UltraBatch Workstation

The UltraBatch automated order picking workstation enables continuous and dynamic batch order fulfillment that enhances productivity and throughput levels.

The UltraBatch workstation enables operators to focus on picking.  The workstation’s indicator lights automatically show the operator the quantity and where to place the items.  When an order is complete, the UltraBatch automatically exchanges a completed container with a new one … with zero labor from the operator.

Operators no longer induct boxes or totes, scan bar codes, label or move completed order containers.  The operator simply follows the active put lights, places the correct quantity of each required item in the active container and hits the task complete button to move on to the next pick.

Increases throughput in new or existing order fulfillment systems.

The ISD UltraBatch workstation can be integrated into existing or new order picking and fulfillment systems.  The ability to increase throughput up to 33% or more allows existing systems to increase throughput or even be downsized ... reducing the required floor space used in a facility.

UltraBatch integrates with all forms of order picking systems from pick modules to horizontal carousels, Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs), shuttle systems, vertical carousels, mini-loads and conveyor systems.  Virtually any form of automated picking system can benefit by utilizing this integrated, high speed workstation.

Reduces labor and extends order cut off times.

The UltraBatch workstation and integrated pick to light system inducts individual, new order containers requiring picks into the batch station while sending containers with completed picks to the next workstation, packing or shipping … automatically!  This increased speed and accuracy reduces labor while enabling order cut off times to be extended.

Batch picking dramatically increases productivity and throughput.

Many organizations start out using the shopping cart method of order picking.  A printed pick list is used by an operator who walks through rows of shelving picking an order.  Often the next step is to use a smart list and possibly pick two or three orders on a cart simultaneously.  These methods are limited by how fast each person walks and picks and how many operators you can fit in an aisle without causing excessive congestion and picking errors.

The batch picking concept means that an operator can pick multiple quantities of an item or SKU and place the appropriate amount into six to twelve order containers at a time.  Less touches, less work, less time and more efficiency!  When combined with a goods-to-person system, this increases an operator’s throughput by as much as 600%.

The UltraBatch workstation takes this to the next level by creating a never ending batch for the operator.  The system software dynamically queues the orders in a logical sequence and commonality and automatically presents the items to be picked.  The operator simply picks items as directed and places them in the containers while the system automatically exchanges completed containers with ones to be filled.  This enhances throughput by up to an additional 33%.

Just A Few UltraBatch Workstation Applications:

Order Picking and Fulfillment | Batch Picking | Order Consolidation

Returns and Reverse Logistics | Speedy Replenishment | Kitting

UltraStore Automated Storage and Retrieval System Benefits:

  • Operators pick 100% of the time
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI) due to reduced labor and capital expenditures
  • 99.99%+ accuracy with Integrated Pick to Light
  • Reduces capital acquisition costs because it integrates with new or existing systems
  • Increases system throughput up to 600%
  • Extends order cut off times
  • Reduces labor by up to 50%
  • Flexible design to handle almost any type of tote or box
  • Emphasis on off-the-shelf components for easy maintenance
  • Intuitive design allows operators to focus on picking ... not the equipment
UltraBatch Work Station Standard Model Specifications:
Work Station System:
Number of Positions: 4 to 15 (Most Common)
Maximum. Conveyor Speed 60/FPM to 150/FPM 18.3/MPM to 45.7/MPM
Per Position: Imperial Metric
Maximum Width: 22” 559 mm
Minimum Width: 6” 152 mm
Maximum Length: 32” 813 mm
Minimum Length: 9” 229 mm
Maximum Height: 30” 762mm
Minimum Height: 3” 76 mm

Consult ISD for full range of specifications and special models
All numbers are nominal and subject to change without notice

ISD UltraBatch Order Picking Workstation

ISD UltraBatch Order Fulfillment Workstation

ISD UltraBatch Batch Picking System