Carousel & VLM ANSI Safety Standards Developed

Carousel & VLM ANSI Safety Standards Developed

Through MHI (the material handling trade association), leading carousel and Vertical Lift Module (VLM) manufacturers who operate in North America work together to develop the highest safety standards. These standards provide all organizations the certainty that they are using and maintaining their carousels and VLMs properly.

As with all types of equipment and especially automation, an organization’s goals are to make sure that they not only get years (and in many cases decades) of usage out of these systems but also that their staff and operators are creating a proper and safe work environment.

Horizontal Carousel ANSI MH24.1

Since 2005, ANSI MH24.1 standard for horizontal carousels has been applied. Some organizations have not conducted an audit to make sure their equipment is up to date to comply with these standards. To download a free copy click here.


To discuss auditing your horizontal carousel system for MH24.1 compliance and other potential modifications and upgrades please click here.


These standards are reviewed periodically prior to ANSI renewal. If your organization uses horizontal carousels in their operations and would like to be one of the few who are able to comment on the standards prior to being renewed, please email Anthony Morgott at ISD.


Vertical Carousel & Vertical Lift Module (VLM) ANSI MH24.2

After several years of drafting and re-working, the ANSI MH24.2 standard will be going through the initial approval process.  lf you are a vertical carousel and/or a Vertical Lift Module user and you want to comment on these standards, please email Anthony Morgott at ISD