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warehouse automation a guide to getting started with automating your warehouse

Stay informed on automation

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Get informed on automation before you begin making critical decisions. 

Know how to automate your operation with this easy-to-read guide packed full of insights.

With this guide you’ll understand:
• Types of warehouse automation
• Key benefits of warehouse automation
• Warehouse processes most likely to be automated
• Automation technologies for your specific warehouse
• A framework for thinking through automation costs

Download the Warehouse Automation Guide

A closer look inside:

Get Started with the Basics: Warehouse Automation 101

Get an overview of warehouse automation. Know the different types of automation, what operations can be automated and the key benefits of automating your warehouse. Cut through the clutter and get up to speed on what automation is and what it isn’t. Get a comprehensive overview and feel confident in your understanding of automation and how it relates to your warehouse operation.

Know the Most Common Automation Technologies

Warehouse automation technology is ever-changing. It can include simple technology swaps or major redesigns that fundamentally change how your warehouse operates. Understand the most common automation technologies for handling and transporting, picking and fulfillment and optimizing management and performance in warehouses. Demystify these technologies and know what will work best for your warehouse.

Gain an Understanding of the Cost of Automation

Know the true operational costs of automating your warehouse, how to calculate your return on investment and how to decide whether you can afford to automate your warehouse. Know the right questions to ask and process to follow supported by real world examples and our years of experience. Gain a precise understanding of what you can afford to automate, the return on investment you can expect and the process to make the right financial decisions.

Know What to Do Before You Shift Your Warehouse

Be confident in your understanding of automation. Know how it can impact your warehouse, the most important questions to ask and the steps to take to make the right decisions.

Download the Warehouse Automation Guide

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