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Tire building equipment is specialized to perform specific functions in each step of the manufacturing process.  Tire and rim assembly equipment is also very specialized.  The material handling equipment used to move tires through these manufacturing and assembly processes also needs to be specifically designed to accommodate the unique requirements of tire handling.

During the building of tires, several factors need to be taken into account, such as:

  • The high coefficient of friction of green tires that resists sliding motions
  • The tendency of green tires to conform to the surface they rest on for an extended period
  • The ease with which a green tire can be deformed or damaged by contact with other tires or objects
  • The green tire's "chimed" bead presents some conveying issues that need to be considered

Once tires are vulcanized, they still possess a high resistance to sliding motions and they have a different "chimed" conveying surface.  If vulcanized tires have been banded or stacked for any period of time, they can also develop an irregular conveying surface.

With the advent of plastic conveyor belting and the later addition of rollers to those belts, tire handling technology has advanced dramatically!  Plastic conveyor belting is more resistant to rubber and lubricant transfer than rubber/cloth belting and it won't leave large impressions in green tires like conveyor rollers can.  Roller top plastic belting greatly reduces the sliding friction when moving a vulcanized tire across the belt which in turn reduces equipment wear and tear.  Of course, traditional conveyors still have their place in tire handling processes and still perform well in certain areas.

Integrated Systems Design's engineering group has experience designing and applying conveyors and other material handling equipment for some of the largest tire manufacturers in the world.  They've also designed and installed several tire and wheel assembly and delivery conveyor systems in automotive manufacturing plants so they have the experience to provide a system that fulfills your needs.

When it comes to the world of tire handling, Integrated Systems Design can provide:

ISD Tire Conveying System

When it's time for your next tire handling system or time to improve your current one, Integrated Systems Design is here to help.  We'll review your requirements and give you a comprehensive, competitive quote for equipment that will meet your needs for years to come.

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