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    Integrated Systems Design offers a full range of data collection equipment from some of the more prominent suppliers in the business.  From simple, hand-held bar code readers to lift truck mounted scanners & terminals to the latest in facility-mounted RF tag readers - we can supply and integrate them into your material handling system.  Whether you use these units purely to track products

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    Since no two systems have exactly the same requirements, Integrated Systems Design provides modified standard equipment as well as custom components to accommodate special handling requirements.  Although a device may be specialized, we still use as many off-the-shelf components as possible in the design and fabrication of custom equipment in order to keep maintenance and repairs as simple as possible.

    Below are just a few examples of

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    Conveyor systems are the backbone of many automated material handling solutions and Integrated Systems Design offers virtually every conveyor type and style available for moving unitized loads (i.e. cartons, totes, drums, etc.) and palletized or fixtured loads.  We also provide many unique conveyor models to meet specific conveying needs for non-unitized loads as well as conveyor system accessories, such as transfers and diverters, to compliment each

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    Experience - the Most Important Feature!

    Integrated Systems Design's controls and software engineers, designers and fabricators have years of experience providing bullet-proof control systems and software solutions to properly control and direct the flow of goods through automated systems in all types of industries!

    Standardized, Commercial-Grade Components

    Integrated Systems Design

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    There are two distinct types of carousel storage units.  Horizontal storage carousels rotate and store product in a horizontal plane.  Vertical storage carousels rotate and store product in a vertical plane.  A third type of system, called a Vertical Lift Module (VLM

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    The unique benefit of AGV and AGC systems is automated movement of material without barriers to the flow of goods or personnel within your facility.  AGV and AGC systems can also be easily re-configured or expanded when compared with conventional material handling systems.  As an added benefit, these systems may often be less expensive than conventional fixed path conveyor systems!

    Automatic Guided

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    Integrated Systems Design offers several different automatic and automated truck loading / unloading systems depending on your products and material movement requirements.

    ISD Extendable Wheel Conveyor

    Extendable Wheel Conveyor

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    Automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) automatically store and retrieve products under the direction of a computerized control system.  Users store products in these systems for various reasons such as:

    • More efficient utilization of floor space
    • Buffer storage between manufacturing or assembly processes
    • Increased efficiency of the material selection and picking process
    • Enhanced
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    Since 1995, Integrated Systems Design has been providing assembly and test systems and equipment to suppliers connected primarily with the automotive industry.  Many of these systems have been for assembly and test of interior components such as seats, instrument