Robotic ASRS Carousel (Automated Storage & Retrieval System)

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What is a robotic ASRS carousel system?  It's a goods-to-person picking system comprised of a robotic inserter-extractor system mounted in front of up to three tiers of horizontal carousels.  Each of the carousels pre-position a pick location and wait for the robot to move up and down in front of them, storing and picking totes and delivering picked totes to a conveyor system that ultimately delivers them to and retrieves them from workstations.

Robotic Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems provide a very cost effective alternative to shuttle and mini-load technologies with far greater flexibility and reliability.

Infographic - Robotic ASRS Inserter-Extractor Carousel System


Each carousel in the stack pre-positions a tote for picking buy the robot.  The robot extracts the first tote to be picked and then usually re-stores a previously extracted tote in the same, now empty, carousel location.  Once this tote exchange is complete, that carousel can pre-position the next tote for extraction while the robot is delivering the tote it just picked.

The robot moves the picked tote to the conveyor and discharges the tote onto it.  A previously extracted tote, ready to be re-stored in the carousel stack, is usually picked up from the conveyor before the cycle repeats itself.

The conveyor routes the picked tote, filled with inventory, to any number of workstations.  Each tote may contain only one SKU/item or may be partitioned to have multiple SKUs/items in it.  At the workstation, an integrated pick-to-light system and a video display tied to photo library database software, makes picking the correct quanty of an item simple.  Tablet displays at the workstation show how each tote is divided, which SKU/item cell the goods are to be picked from and how many to pick.

Once picked, the operator places the item(s) into waiting order totes according to directions from the adjacent "put" light indicators.  Up to 18 orders can be batched simultaneously.  The workstation also employs an automated batch station that automatically inducts individual totes into the batch and then exchanges them for another tote when their picks have been completed.  The operator never wastes a second positioning and scanning tote license plates - its all done automatically.  The operator simply picks, puts and hits the task complete button after each put.  Individual order totes move in and out of the batch as they are completed and are automatically routed to their next destination.  There's no waiting for an entire batch of order totes to be replaced by another entire group with new orders.

This goods-to-person order picking, buffering, sortation and consolidation system, the Robotic Automated Storage & Retrieval (ASRS) Carousel System, provides tremendous levels of throughput, floor space savings and labor savings resulting in an outstanding value.  By combining the robotic inserter-extractor system with up to three tiers of horizontal carousels and conveyor, work stations are fed inventory/SKUs in totes and cases without the operator having to walk and search ... increasing productivity by two-thirds or more.

Robotic ASRS systems can hit up to 1,440 lines/hour and eight transactions per minute for fast throughput requirements. 

Robotic ASRS System Benefits:

Eliminates up to 2/3 labor ♦ Saves up to 85% of wasted floor space ♦ Flexibility to change system capacity, material stored sizes, quantity of items and workstations ♦ Each robot can do up to eight transactions per minute ♦ Simple system can do up to 1,440 lines per hour/station ♦ 99.99%+ accuracy levels ♦ Extends order cut-off times ♦ Puts thousands of SKUs at an operators fingertips without walking ♦ Fast return on investment ♦ Guaranteed performance levels available

Popular Robotic ASRS Inserter-Extractor Brands and Trademarks (UltraBot is an ISD trademark):

  • UltraBot
  • StorBot
  • RotoBot
  • MaxTractor
  • MoBot
  • PicStar



Just a Few Robotic ASRS Carousel Applications:

  • Order Picking
  • Order Consolidation
  • Buffer Storage
  • Queueing
  • Sortation
  • Remote Picking
  • QC Buffer Storage
  • Goods-to-Person Storage
  • High Density Storage
  • Manufactured Parts Buffering
  • Finished Goods Sortation
  • MRO Storage
  • Work in Progress (WIP)





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