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Industry is moving more and more towards unitized loads to reduce labor content and maximize space utilization in shipping vehicles and containers.

High Speed Case Palletizers

Manufacturing operations that produce large quantities of uniform size case goods have long enjoyed the advantages of high speed, automatic palletizing equipment.  De-palletizers to off-load palletized empty cans and cases have also been around for years.  Integrated Systems Design can provide and integrate palletizers / de-palletizers into your system while optimizing their infeed and outfeed interfaces.

ISD High Speed Case Palletizer

Top-feed, High Speed Case Palletizer

Robotic Palletizers

With the advent of robots, many new palletizing and de-palletizing opportunities have materialized:

  • Robot palletizers can be designed to shuttle between numerous production line outputs or pallets, making it economically feasible to automatically palletize low volume production goods or to de-palletize goods from one or more pallets onto production lines.
  • Robots can be designed with one or more specialized grippers allowing them to hold and move irregular-shaped goods, such as vehicle tires, which can't be handled by standard palletizers and de-palletizers.
  • Robotic palletizers are also ideally suited to palletize mixed product loads, such as multiple varieties of beverages, for shipment to retail facilities.
  • One of the latest advances in palletizing equips robotic palletizers with software that enables them to palletize different case sizes into stable pallet loads.

ISD Robotic Case Palletizer

Robotic Case Palletizer

Manual Palletizing

For those palletizing and de-palletizing applications where automation isn't practical, there are numerous aids to speed up manual operations and improve the ergonomics of the process.  Some of those items are:

  • Back boards to help square and stabilize loads as they're palletized
  • Stations with pallet lift / lower tables or other devices to minimize the amount of bending and movement a worker does
  • Turn table tops on palletizing / de-palletizing stations to minimize the reach required to access all sides of a load
  • Semi-mechanized palletizing and de-palletizing stations that eliminate the manual lifting and movement of pallets

ISD Manual De-Palletizing Station

Manual De-palletizing Station w/Pallet Shuttle

If you're considering adding or improving a palletizing or de-palletizing operation in your facility, it makes sense to give us a call.  We'll review the products, rates and the layout of your facility and develop the most cost effective palletizing / de-palletizing concept for your specific application.  We'll also give you a very competitive quote to integrate the equipment into your facility.

ISD Shuttling Robotic Palletizer

Shuttling Robotic Palletizer

ISD Rough Castings Palletizer

Palletizing Rough Castings

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