Pallet Racking & Shelving

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Virtually every manufacturing and distribution warehouse operation needs pallet rack and shelving to maximize utilization of floor space and minimize storage space. Racking can also be used to support gravity conveyor flow lanes in flow-through, FIFO storage systems for pallets and larger loads. In very large AS/RS systems, the pallet rack may even be used as the superstructure for building enclosures.

Pallet rack used in an AS/RS system

Pallet Rack Used in an AR/RS System

Why Have Integrated Systems Design Provide and Install Your Shelves & Racks?

  • We custom configure the racks for automated material handling applications
  • Integrated Systems Design can provide and integrate shelves and racking into an existing or new material handling system layout to suit almost every requirement
  • We use well-known national suppliers for systems requiring new equipment
  • When the appropriate goods are available, we can save you money by providing high quality, used equipment

It just makes sense to let us deal with configuring, integrating and installing your system racking and shelving and save you time, money and resources. Just give us a call and let Integrated Systems Design analyze and provide your rack and shelving systems along with the rest of your material handling needs.

Pallet rack frame of a rack-supported building

Pallet Rack Frame for Rack-Supported Building

we use well-known national suppliers for shelving and pallet racks pallet rack and shelving maximizes utilization of floor space
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