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Nearly every manufacturing or distribution operation requires some form of packaging.  Manufacturers often pack their products in case quantities prior to shipment to distribution centers.  For larger products or groups of products, stretch wrapping or banding may be required.

Distribution facilities often require manual pack-out stations to place split case picked goods into shipping cartons.  Some distribution facilities can even benefit from automating the packaging process.  Integrated Systems Design can help optimize these operations buy furnishing and integrating: "on-demand" packaging"; case forming; case packing and; carton closing equipment as well as manual and automated packing stations into your new or existing material handling system.

Why Buy Your Equipment from Integrated Systems Design?

  • We use mainstream industry sources for automated packaging equipment.
  • We custom configure manual packing stations to meet your system rates and packaging requirements.
  • We can incorporate storage and feeding of dunnage and cartons into your system layout.
  • We can provide all the necessary ancillary products such as tables, tape dispensers, document printer / inserters, scales, labelers, order verification equipment, etc. within your layout to maximize productivity.

If your system requirements include a packing or packaging operation, let us work with you to help configure and incorporate those operations into an integrated design, rather than add them on as an after-thought.  You could benefit from significant productivity gains.

ISD Case Erector/Taper

Case Erector / Bottom Taper

ISD Pallet Stretch Wrapper

Pallet Stretch Wrapper

ISD Case Taper

Random Size Case Closer / Taper

ISD Manual Pack-out Stations

Manual Pack-out Stations

ISD Packing System

Automatic Carton Filling

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