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Often the best answer on how to gain additional floor space is up in the air!  Integrated Systems Design has installed numerous mezzanine storage and production areas in customer facilities.  We use mainstream suppliers for new mezzanines and can even offer previously owned mezzanine structures if one is available to suit your needs.  All mezzanines are installed per national and local building and seismic codes and are custom configured to fit your facility and anticipated use.

Why Buy from Integrated Systems Design?

Coordination of mezzanine and material handling system design can help keep costs down and produce a system free from barriers caused by poor mezzanine column spacing or location.  When Integrated Systems Design provides and installs your mezzanine:

  • We'll make sure the mezzanine is up to capacity for the conveyor and product loads of the material handling system to be located on it.
  • We'll take into consideration the relationship between the support column locations and equipment to be located beneath the mezzanine.

If you need more floor space and think a mezzanine might be the answer, let us help you analyze the benefits and engineer a mezzanine optimized to meet all your requirements.

ISD Custom Mezzanine

View of an Empty Pallet Storage System on a Custom Mezzanine Above a Production Area

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