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Warehousing and distribution of medical and dental products has many similarities to the distribution of other goods, but it also has some considerations specific to this industry segment.

Carton and case item goods that are non-prescription and of average value can usually be handled in the same manner that similar consumer goods are distributed, but many prescription and high value items require special security and documentation to prevent theft and meet the record keeping requirements of government authorities.  Some goods also require refrigeration to prevent spoilage.  Integrated Systems Design has the equipment and software necessary to accommodate these requirements.

For items that can be handled with normal distribution equipment and practices, our typical Warehouse and Distribution Systems will provide you with an efficient and controlled operation.  For items with special handling and tracking requirements, our Carousels and Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) can provide the extra security and activity tracking necessary to manage and dispense controlled substances and high value goods.

The advantage:

Vertical carousels and VLMs are enclosed units and can be equipped with automatic access doors, so they provide security not present with other material handling equipment.  Horizontal carousels can be installed in enclosures as well.  These enclosed Kardex Remstar carousels and VLMs offer other security features such as:

  • Password controlled access to the units
  • User access can be limited to specific storage trays in the units
  • Host-defined picking lists can present only the required trays to the user
  • Access activity including user ID, date, time, tray and item picked can be automatically logged

There are a number of other special modifications that can be added to these units as well such as refrigeration and fire suppression systems.

While there are other ways to secure and dispense high value items and controlled substances, none are quite as well suited to the task as carousels and VLMs.  Since Integrated Systems Design is an authorized full-service Kardex Remstar dealer, we don't just sell the equipment, we also install and service these products from each of our locations.

ISD Vertical Lift Module VLM

So if you distribute medical or dental goods or other high value items, give Integrated Systems Design a call.  We can offer you a complete solution for all of your warehousing and distribution needs.

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