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Integrated Systems Design has manifesting software that helps keep transportation costs to a minimum, verifies the labeling is in compliance with customer requirements and helps ensure your product arrives in good condition.

The manifesting process begins when goods pass an inline scale and bar code scanner.  The scanned information is used to retrieve stored weight and dimensional information about a carton's predicted characteristics from the WMS or ERP software system.  The predicted weight is then compared to the carton's actual weight.  If the weight of a shipping carton is outside the expected weight range, the carton can be routed for inspection and adjustment before it's shipped.

Using the retrieved information, freight rating software calculates the item's shipping cost using its ship-to location, shipping priority, cube, weight, and discount schedules from your carrier.  If multiple carriers are available, the freight rate software checks each carrier's rate schedule to find the best possible shipping cost based on business rules you established within the software.  If cartons are to be palletized, a master packing list containing the pallet contents can be printed along with a bill of lading or shipping manifest for the entire shipment.

ISD Manifesting & Shipping Software

If individual cartons are being loaded onto a trailer for shipment, the shipping software can sequence the cartons in reverse delivery order before sending them to a divert point in the conveyor system and then to the shipping dock for loading.

Integrated Systems Design can provide weight balancing software to properly sequence and balance the product load throughout a trailer.  In addition, loads can also be staged and loaded according to their environmental requirements such as freezer, refrigerated, and ambient temperature requirements.

Integrating manifesting and shipping software with your material handling system pays for itself in short order if your business is distribution of mixed product loads.  Contact Integrated Systems Design for more information or an analysis of your business and an estimate of how this software can help you.

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