New UltraStore ASRS Provides Cost Effective Pallet, Case and Item Picking For Most Operations

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New UltraStore ASRS Provides Cost Effective Pallet, Case and Item Picking For Most Operations

ISD’s UltraStore ASRS The new UltraStore™ Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) provides up to 85% storage space savings for items, cases, pallets and custom materials with unique sizes and dimensions.  The ASRS provides organizations with a fast ROI, a focus on reliability and a quick delivery and implementation time.

The UltraStore ASRS provides cost effective operation by using a surface mounted track and guide system.  This design not only reduces installation time, it also allows the system to be easily relocated in the future.

The Perfect-Uptime™ option enables the UltraStore system to be productive even during down times - including scheduled maintenance periods.  This manual system helps assure that the stored items are accessible at all times for maximum up-time.

Easy to use controls and an HMI (human machine interface) allows the system to be up and running quickly and easily with minimum training and minimal operator interaction.  After receiving a pick or put command, the crane accelerates down the aisle while simultaneously positioning the shuttle to the proper height.  The crane stops at the correct location and the shuttle inserts or extracts the stored material.  Retrieved goods are brought back to an output station and deposited.  At the output station, the item can be moved onto awaiting fork lifts, a conveyor system or a work station for ergonomic operations.  Items to be put away are retrieved from an input station and the process repeats.

The UltraStore ASRS is ideal for an organization's new or existing processes including: raw material storage, buffer storage, shipment sequencing, order picking, work in process (WIP), tooling, machine component storage, frozen goods and more.  The UltraStore automated storage and retrieval system is designed and manufactured utilizing as much non-proprietary "off the shelf components" and technology as feasible to make the system not only cost effective, but easier and less expensive to maintain over the years.

The UltraStore ASRS is available in a wide range of standard and special sizes and capacities.  Standard models can handle loads ranging from 10 to 60 inches in width, 18 to 96 inches in depth and up to 2000 pounds.  A wide variety of load handlers are available to meet most product requirements.

"Organizations who have investigated and priced other ASRS systems in the past and are looking for the right Return on Investment (ROI) for the acquisition to make sense, have been our best source of customers to date," says Tony Morgott, VP of Sales.

ISD - Integrated Systems Design is a leading manufacturer and systems consultant, designer and integrator for warehouse, manufacturing, distribution, wholesale, life sciences, institutional and retail organizations in North America.  ISD systems are renowned for their tremendous value, reliability and ease of maintenance.  ISD systems are designed using technologies from the leading material handling manufacturers of the world.

Solutions designed by ISD focus on providing space savings, increased productivity, reduced labor, enhanced accuracy and system flexibility to change as an operation’s activities change over time.  Utilizing proven technology and off the shelf components helps provide cost effective solutions requiring minimum maintenance and yields fast Return on Investment (ROI).

ISD expertise ranges from handling and picking pieces (eaches), cases, pallets, build lines, manufacturing systems and special or custom handling solutions.  Products and services include: automatic storage and retrieval (ASRS) units; conveyor; robotics; batch stations; automatic printers and inserters; pick-to-light; A-frames; horizontal and vertical carousels; vertical lift modules (VLMs); controls; software (including inventory management, WCS, WMS, MES, and ERP); application and facility consulting and design; AutoCAD; system simulation; equipment moves; installation and service.

For high resolution images, word documents or more information on how the UltraStore ASRS system please email sales@isddd.com or visit our website at www.ISDDD.com.  Also, ISD has a vast photo and video library available to you and your publication on request.  If there's a subject matter, case history or event you wish covered, please call to discuss.

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