Latest News Section on Automation and Material Handling Systems Integration by Integrated Systems Design - ISD

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Latest News Section on Automation and Material Handling Systems Integration by Integrated Systems Design - ISD
Welcome to the latest news and information on how automation and material handling equipment and systems are improving the efficiencies in distribution, manufacturing, warehousing, life sciences, retail and institutions. For more information, questions or exclusive stories and photography please contact us.
  • One of the principal challenges any organization encounters is how to know when it may be strategically beneficial to push the envelope on an internal logistics system automation project. First you need to ask yourself and your organization some tough questions. Here we will focus on the top five questions to ask:

    Are the desired benefits a) strategic overhaul or b) process improvement in nature? Exactly what benefits will the project provide (increased efficiency, reduced overhead
  • Integrated Systems Design – ISD, a leading designer, integrator, consultant and manufacturer for order picking, packing, shipping and assembly operations for  warehousing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing organizations in North America, will be exhibiting at the Parcel Forum Show in booth #204 in Chicago, October 19th – 21st, 2015.

    At the Parcel Forum Show, ISD will feature solutions that focus on getting the most productivity and throughput by eliminating wasted floor space

  • Integrated Systems Design – ISD brought in a standing-room only crowd at ProMat 2015 with their growth and profitability focused seminar ‘Metrics Suck… Converting the Warehouse from a Cost Center to Profit Center,’ offering information on maximizing an organization’s throughput, accuracy and efficiency.  Senior Systems Consultant for ISD, Mr. Robert Jones, presented two seminars at the McCormick Center in Chicago during ProMat this year, the second one titled  ‘Aligning the Warehouse,

  • The UltraBot IE robotic automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) from Integrated Systems Design - ISD offers goods-to-person delivery of totes, boxes and cases to high-speed workstations for order picking, consolidation, replenishment, returns, sorting and work-in-progress ... saving a significant amount of otherwise wasted order picking time.

    The UltraBot IE offers 99.9%+ accuracy levels and can provide up to 85% floor space savings when compared to other systems.  These cost

  • The new UltraBatch™ single and multiple line order processing workstation enables organizations to increase operator throughput by up to 1/3 while increasing accuracy and matching order profiles automatically.

    The UltraBatch workstation can be integrated and configured to work with manual, semi-automatic and fully automated goods-to-person inventory storage systems.

    In goods-to-person systems, the workstation is configured so that inventory is automatically presented to the

  • The new UltraRail™ (patent pending) LIFO pallet rail-shuttle system from Integrated Systems Design (ISD) combines the benefits of push back, drive-in and shuttle systems to give organizations a cost effective way to expand capacity and improve productivity over these other pallet storage applications. 

    The UltraRail system eliminates aisles and converts the end of each lane into an active storage and retrieval position.  Each lane can hold up to 10 pallets or more.  It offers 100%


    Integrated Systems Design – ISD, a leading order picking, packing and shipping integrator and manufacturer, was selected to speak about “Dimensional (DIM) Order Packing Trends & Tips to Increase Profitability” at the Parcel Forum Show in Dallas, TX, September 29 through October 1, 2014.

    The session reviewed how the latest FedEx and UPS DIM will increase shipping costs by 25% to 300% and how organizations can optimize their packing processes and procedures

  • The mid-load UltraStore automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) is available with an optional Perfect-Uptime™ feature.  This option enables inventory to be accessed and the system operated during down times - including preventive maintenance periods!  This is rarely, if ever, available on any piece of automation technology.  The Perfect-Uptime feature is ideal for mission-critical inventory and material.

    Since the mid-load UltraStore ASRS system is surface mounted and

  • Integrated Systems Design – ISD exhibited in booth #513 at the WERC/WIRE conference for logistic professionals in Chicago, IL April 27, 2014 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  This multi-tiered educational conference and trade show is dedicated to the science and art of logistics management.

    ISD’s booth #513 demonstrated how the new DREAM pick, pack and ship GUARANTEED performance program can help warehouse operations.  The ability for an organization to lock in guaranteed performance

  • Heavy load Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) are a new generation of VLMs designed to handle up to 2,204 pounds per tray.  A Vertical Lift Module is a vertical column with a series of trays stored in the front and back, and an insertion / extraction device that runs up and down the center of the column, storing and retrieving trays and delivering them at an ergonomic workstation. 

    Vertical Lift Modules are perfect for saving up to 85% of otherwise wasted floor space and providing ergonomic


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