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There are literally hundreds of thousands of different goods manufactured in the US, many of which are destined for commercial or business use by nature.  Pressure on manufacturers of these goods to make their processes more efficient, reduce cost and improve product quality becomes greater day by day as emerging nations ramp up their manufacturing capabilities.  Eliminating non-value added labor in the manufacturing of these goods is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce cost and it's an essential key toward maintaining global competitiveness.

ISD Industrial Equipment & Manufacturing

Integrated Systems Design has been helping manufacturers reduce manual labor costs for years.  From the moment materials hit your dock until the finished products have been shipped out the door, we have the industrial manufacturing equipment and software to help reduce or eliminate non-value added material handling labor.

Receiving, Put-away and Storage

Reduce manual handling, gain tighter control over your inventory and reduce raw material storage space and cost with our:

Industrial Goods Mfg

Material Picking, Kitting & Delivery

Speed material retrieval, kitting and delivery activity and cut costs with our:

  • Component picking / kitting systems utilizing pick-to-light, RF and voice-directed picking systems and software
  • Conveyorized picking, kiting and delivery systems
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Automatic Guided Carts (AGCs)
Industrial Material

Assembly and Testing

Improve the flexibility of your assembly process, get tighter control of in-process assembly data and quality control and reduce or eliminate set-up and change over time with our:

Manufactured Goods

Finished Goods Packaging, Storage and Shipping

Package finished product, store it and ship it with minimum labor costs using our:

Manufacturing Items

We also integrate other industrial manufacturing equipment, such as carton forming & case loading equipment into systems we provide, so for an efficient operation from door to door, give Integrated Systems Design a call.  We've got the products and experience to help keep your process efficient and profitable.

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