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DREAM Performance Program

The Guaranteed Systems DREAM Performance Program from Integrated Systems Design (ISD) takes the risk out of all your pick, pack, ship and manufacturing / assembly operations.  Whether it's a facility upgrade or a greenfield site, a poorly implemented system can keep you awake at night for years to come.
The Guaranteed Systems DREAM Performance Program helps mitigate your risk allowing you and your organization years of peaceful sleep.
How the Guaranteed Performance Program Works:
Depending on your system needs and requirements, during the DREAM process, a list of benchmarks and their performance levels will be created.  We'll identify and detail the methods of evaluation, acceptance, and if required, remedies will be outlined and agreed upon prior to the start.
System Risk Mitigation:
Lock in key project attributes and benchmarks such as:
  • Cost

  • Return on Investment

  • Deadlines

    • Throughput, Rates, Capacities

    • Labor Savings & Requirements

    • Accuracy Levels

      • Space Savings & Utilization

      • Order Cut-Off Times


        The DREAM Process:

        While every business has unique requirements that demand customized solutions, the implementation process remains unchanged.  Our five point DREAM process ensures that you're provided with the optimum solution for your needs.  We all know that to build a house, you must start with a solid foundation.  The foundation of a successful system is our half a century proven DREAM process.

        Discovery (Discuss & Gather):  During the discovery process, discussions start with identifying the current problem areas and the specific goals and objectives of a successful implementation.  Additionally, we gather detailed information and metrics on both current operations and forecasted growth.  Information gathered includes itemized inventory and order profiles, physical constraints, process requirements, seasonality and financial restrictions. 

        Review (Analyze):  Once all of the information is gathered, the real work begins.  ISD engineers start with a detailed analysis of the data.  A thorough understanding of the details becomes the basis for the designs that follow.  This is when we often uncover hidden opportunities for labor, space and cost savings.  In addition, we take into account future growth to provide optimum system design and capacity.

        Engineer (Design & Evaluate):  Once we have gathered and analyzed the information, we move on to evaluating suitable technologies and concepts to provide the best overall solution.  Concepts are developed by applying years of experience utilizing proven technologies coupled with real world input from your team members.  ISD is brand and technology neutral to assure an effective evaluation is performed.

        Authenticate (Validate ):  Once we have formulated the solutions, we validate their capabilities, costs and ROI.  When evaluating the criteria such as space requirements, staffing, costs and capability… one solution often stands out as the clear winner.  Depending on system size and complexity, a computer simulation may be warranted as part of this validation process.

        Make It Happen (Execute ):  From developing a detailed project plan to coordinating activities onsite, the implementation is where most failures occur.  Our project managers have the experience and dedicated resources to assure that your system gets installed on time, in budget, and meets or exceeds all expectations, including performance.  Our project managers not only manage our tasks and deliverables, they coordinate with third party providers and your team members to track all supporting activities.



        Services ISD can provide to You:

        ​ISD is flexible to meet every customer’s unique needs and requirements resulting in a long list of satisfied customers.  A few ways we achieve this includes:

          • Standard Turnkey Projects & Systems

          • Guaranteed Projects

          • Design / Build

          • System Consulting

            • Engineering Surveys

            • Inventory Analysis

            • System Simulation

            • Facility Layout & Design

            • Leasing and Rental

            *Terms and conditions apply to the Guarantee Program.  Consult with an ISD representative for complete details.
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