Glass Product Manufacturing, Handling & Packaging

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Glass product manufacturing and moving products made of glass presents some unique material handling related issues:

  • Larger pieces or quantities of glass have considerable weight
  • Glass is more fragile than many other substances, especially prior to annealing
  • Glass shards and broken pieces can create considerable wear and damage to equipment
  • The heat associated with creating glass shapes can also be hard on equipment
Glass Product Manufacturing
Glass Product Handling

Integrated Systems Design engineers have experience transporting glass shapes as diverse as windshields and drinking glasses.  We can provide material handling equipment to move individual products such as bottles as well as grouped items like 3 ton racks of automotive glass.  We can provide pack-out stations to inspect and carton finished products and cullet conveyor for the rejects.  We even have conveying equipment to handle un-banded and unwrapped pallets of glass containers and the robots to palletize them.

If your business includes the molding, packaging, moving or manufacturing of glass products, trust your next material handling project to Integrated Systems Design.  We're ready to provide you with equipment or a whole system that can stand up to the rigors of your environment 24 / 7 by 365!

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