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No two systems are exactly identical. That's why the design and build phases of a project are two of the most critical activities.

During the system design phase, data gathered during the estimating and concept process are blended with system design specifications and layout data to produce the appropriate equipment and controls configurations.  Throughput rates for each area of the system are calculated and checked against design and build system requirements.  When necessary, specific handling requirements for products are incorporated within the equipment and system designs.  For extremely complex systems, customers may require system simulation studies to verify that all areas and functions of a system will meet design requirements.

System safety is also a prime consideration during the design phase.  To have the greatest impact, user safety has to be a considered during all design activities and incorporated into each detail of a system’s design and build.  Once all these facets of the design process are accomplished, equipment can be fabricated, system controls and software can be fully developed and the installation process can begin.

No amount of careful design can overcome mediocre fabrication of equipment, controls or software.  That's why Integrated Systems Design only uses sources which have proven themselves to be quality driven.  During the fabrication phase of a project, the Integrated Systems Design team regularly tracks the activity of each supply source, whether internal or external, and monitors their progress.  When appropriate, the team conducts vendor site inspections of work-in-process to ensure conformance to design specifications and project schedules.

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