Cross Docking Systems

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Cross docking systems move inbound goods from receiving directly to shipping ... bypassing the put-away and picking labor activity in a distribution process. In a cross docking system, conveyable products are usually transported by conveyor to a pack-out station or directly to a shipping door. Non-conveyable products are usually moved from receiving to shipping via RF-directed fork trucks.

Cross docking significantly reduces storage locations and the equipment needed to store and pick inventory in a warehouse. It can also significantly reduce the footprint of your building. A common example of cross docking is the movement of back-ordered product from receiving directly to shipping. If the ASN of an inbound trailer listing its contents is available, the trailer can be used as a pick zone for a cross docking system. The entire movement of goods through your facility can be simplified and streamlined.

Integrated Systems Design can provide you with all the elements required for a cross docking system at a very competitive price! This is because we're licensed distributors for all of the components you'll need. You won't have to buy or lease your lift trucks from one source, your conveyor equipment from another and your warehouse software from yet another source. We have it all and we're experts at configuring and implementing it! So if your plans include cross docking of goods, give us a call for the best value for your dollar.

Cross docking system components we supply:

Cross Docking Systems
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