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Experience - the Most Important Feature!

Integrated Systems Design's controls and software engineers, designers and fabricators have years of experience providing bullet-proof control systems and software solutions to properly control and direct the flow of goods through automated systems in all types of industries!

Standardized, Commercial-Grade Components

Integrated Systems Design uses industry-standard, commercial grade control components for all system controls.  We commonly use Allen-Bradley and other prominent manufacturer's brands of components, but we're flexible!  If you've developed electrical standards for your business, we'll provide components to your specifications in order to minimize your spare parts inventory and reduce training requirements.

Open Architecture

Whenever possible, we use open, non-proprietary programs for creation and implementation of our controls and software systems.  This gives our customers proven, reliable standards for system controls and keeps development cost low.  In addition, support and future expansions or modifications of the controls are easily accomplished with similar cost advantages over proprietary products.

ISD’s Controls

Human / Machine Interface (HMI) Panel

Remote Diagnostics and Support

Our controls systems can be configured to provide remote monitoring capabilities at multiple locations within your facility.  Maintenance personnel can be immediately notified of system problems and supervisors can be kept informed of system production levels.  If desired, Integrated Systems Design can connect to your system remotely via a dial-up or internet connection in order to help analyze system operation and aid with troubleshooting or changes.

PLC and PC Based Systems

We use both Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and computer-based (PC) control architectures, depending on system and interface requirements.  The hardware provided with both architectures is composed of industry standard components.  Spare parts are readily available throughout North America and most of the world.  The software used for either of these architectures is derived from standard, off the shelf applications and is tailored to your needs in order to produce extremely reliable system operation.  For mission critical applications, we can even provide “hot back-up” control systems for the rare occasion when control hardware or software problems occur.

ISD Controls & Software

Typical HMI Controls Screen

Integration with WMS & ERP Systems

Integrated Systems Design is an authorized distributor of Accellos (formerly Radio Beacon) warehouse management software (WMS).  We're also able to interface our system controls with most popular WMS and ERP systems in order to provide you with a tightly integrated facility that keeps upper level information and accounting systems up to date on order routing and system status.

Safety and Flexibility

All of our control systems are designed to meet the latest NEC, OSHA and local standards for your facility.  If you have internal standards that exceed those requirements, we'll include those standards in your system's design.  Integrated Systems Design has experience designing controls for some of the toughest environments including Class 1, Division 1 explosion-proof areas and NEMA 4 / 4X wash-down areas in caustic chemical production facilities.  In addition, all systems are designed with the ability to be expanded or modified in the future.

Support After the Sale

Integrated Systems Design controls and software support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We also offer:

  • Support via modem dial-up or Internet connection
  • System modifications / upgrades
  • Service contracts
  • Operational consulting
  • Spare parts supply
  • System moves
ISD After-Sale Support
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