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Drums, kegs, pails, cans, bags, bales, totes, IBCs, boxes and more!  Products produced in the chemical and petroleum industries are packaged and moved in many different containers.  Most of these filling systems also have properties that need to be considered during and after packaging. For example:

  • Explosive and flammable product properties need to be considered in the controls and mechanical designs of filling and material handling equipment
  • Lower viscosity liquids are prone to sloshing prior to container closing
  • The foaming properties of liquids and the dusty properties of powders need to be considered during equipment selection
  • Some materials require their containers to be purged prior to filling to avoid spoilage or unwanted reactions
  • Spills occur at filling operations and need to be taken into account when designing a filling and handling system
  • Highly corrosive materials such as strong acids and bases can quickly destroy improperly designed equipment
  • Anti-friction properties of lubricants and other chemicals can cause some material handling equipment to quickly malfunction
  • Containers, such as drums and bags, require special knowledge and experience to reliably fill and convey

ISD Semi-automatic Drum Filler

Semi-automatic Drum Filler

Integrated Systems Design's staff has over 35 years of experience designing and implementing filling and material handling systems for the chemical, petrochemical and coatings industries.  We select the best components from the best suppliers and integrate them to provide you with packaging systems that meet the unique requirements encountered in these industries and still stand up to round-the-clock use.

Here's just some of the equipment and systems we provide:

Automatic Drum Palletizer

Automatic Drum Palletizer

When its time to implement your next product handling/filling system or modify your existing process, contact Integrated Systems Design for an innovative design, competitive quote and a reliable packaging system that will perform to your expectations for years to come.

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