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12 Simple Steps to Perfect Accuracy for Order Picking & Packing

Nothing drives profitability out of operations faster than mis-picks, mis-packs and general errors within your warehouse.  Problems begin to show up with unhappy customers questioning why they ever started doing business with you in the first place (and who might never do business with you again).  As a result, you decide to attempt to quickly to fix the problem(s) and their associated costs.

3 Steps to Financially Driven Warehouse & DC Process Improvement

With durable goods rocketing up a record 22.6% in July 2014, keeping pace in the warehouse can often be a challenge.  Too often, the “only choice” is to throw labor at it and “sneaker power” becomes the best solution at the time.

Throwing labor at a problem is inefficient and costly on many levels.  The key to corporate health and growth is being able to handle business fluctuations quickly and efficiently.

A “sometimes easier said than done” strategy is to reduce the cost of goods (COGs) to improve bottom line profitability.

$20.00 Minimum Wage for Order Picking, Packing & Shipping... No Problem!

$20.00 Minimum Wage for Order Picking, Packing & Shipping... No Problem!

The question is, how will today’s organizations that order pick, pack, ship and assemble products be impacted on a new minimum wage increase?  Seattle, Washington has recently passed its record setting increase of its minimum wage rates.  It's a trend that's repeating across the country.  Comments range from ridicule to praise.

Ditch the Drones - Free Shipping and Easy Returns Wins The Orders

Ditch the Drones - Free Shipping and Easy Returns Wins The Orders!

If you were warming up your omnichannel and ecommerce fulfillment drone fleet, ready to prove to your customers that your customer service is unchallenged … you can ground those bad boys (for now) and turn to more traditional means to improve your online customer satisfaction and sales levels.

Following MHI 2025 Roadmap World Materials Handling Alliance Created

The material handling and intralogistics universe just took a step towards improved efficiencies when the world’s largest material handling associations announced the creation of a formal alliance between the groups.  This alliance follows the findings in MHI’s 2025 Roadmap program which clearly identified the need for greater efficiencies by having increased standards, shared knowledge and visibility throughout the entire world supply chain.

Warehouse Order Pack Station Automation Investment Pays Off (Part One)

Packing is a critical operation in any order fulfillment operation, but often it's overlooked as a function that can contribute to the overall success of the enterprise.

No matter how efficient the order picking process, inefficient packing can make the money spent on advanced inventory storage and retrieval systems a wasted investment.

What can go wrong with packing operations?


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