Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)

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Automatic storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) automatically store and retrieve products under the direction of a computerized control system.  Users store products in these systems for various reasons such as:

  • More efficient utilization of floor space
  • Buffer storage between manufacturing or assembly processes
  • Increased efficiency of the material selection and picking process
  • Enhanced security for stored product
  • Re-sequencing the product flow through a system

ISD Vertical Carousel Storage & Retrieval System

Vertical Carousel Storage & Retrieval System

The physical characteristics of each product and the reasons for applying an Automated Storage and Retrieval System dictate which type of equipment is appropriate for an ASRS system configuration.  Smaller systems may only require a simple set of conveyors to receive, store, sequence and dispense products.  Some ASRS systems may require a carousel or verticle lift module to quickly store and retrieve small to medium size products for order selection (picking) operations.  Other Automatic Storage and Retrieval Systems may require equipment that can handle pallet loads up to 2,750 lbs, travel at 1,200 ft/min and store goods in racks up to 60 feet high.


ISD Automated  Pallets Storage & Retrieval System

Storage & Retrieval of Seats on Pallets

Integrated Systems Design offers several types and models of ASRS and can accommodate nearly every storage and retrieval requirement!

For some mission critical systems, such as just-in-time automatic component sequencing and shipping, we've developed special Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems that have a completely manual back-up feature to enable system throughput even during equipment maintenance periods!


Have an ASRS requirement?  Look no further than Integrated Systems Design!  We've got the AS/RS equipment to satisfy even the most unique and demanding storage & retrieval applications at very competitive prices.

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ISD ASRS Pallet-Rack System

ASRS Crane & Pallet Rack System

ISD ASRS for Investment Casting

ASRS for Investment Casting Molds

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