Automated Truck Loading / Unloading Systems

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Integrated Systems Design offers several different automatic and automated truck loading / unloading systems depending on your products and material movement requirements.

ISD Extendable Wheel Conveyor

Extendable Wheel Conveyor

The simplest type of automated truck loading and unloading system consists of an expandable or movable conveyor.  These units can be extended from a fixed conveyor system in your facility, across a dock plate, and up to or into a truck trailer to improve the speed and efficiency of your dock workers.  These conveyors are available in gravity and powered versions.  Gravity units can flow product in one direction but require manual intervention to move product up hill.  Powered conveyors can move goods into or out of a trailer without a worker pushing the product.  Gravity conveyor units come in roller or wheeled versions.  Powered conveyor units are available in roller and belt versions.

ISD Telescoping Powered Belt Conveyor

Telescoping Powered Belt Conveyor

ISD Extendable Belt Conveyor

Extendable Belt Conveyor

Depending on the dock space available, powered conveyors can be either fixed-length, movable units that drive into and out of a trailer, or they can be collapsible units that telescope into a trailer.  Both gravity and powered extendible conveyor units can be designed to be moved between several dock doors so that one unit can service several trailers.

Another type of automatic truck loading / unloading system Integrated Systems Design offers utilizes conveyorized trailers that mate up to a dock mounted conveyor system.  These systems have the advantage of very fast loading and unloading cycle times.  They're commonly used where loads on pallets are moved between two or more of a customer's facilities or between a just-in-time supplier and a customer's final assembly plant.

ISD Automated Truck Loading

Dock Mounted Truck Loading / Unloading System

ISD Automated Truck Loading 2

Trailer Mounted Truck Loading / Unloading System

With this type of system, empty pallets can be off-loaded and a fresh load of product can be loaded into a trailer in as little as 12 minutes!,  These systems by Integrated Systems Design can be configured as single or multiple level systems within the trailers and on the dock.  Product can be staged on the loading dock conveyor system so that, when it's discharged from a trailer at its destination, the product is in correct assembly line sequence.  Trailer-mounted conveyor systems can also act as an automatic buffer storage facility for goods and eliminate the need for product storage and retrieval within a facility.

No matter what type of unitized goods you need to load or unload from a trailer, Integrated Systems Design has an Automated Truck Loading / Unloading solution that can save you time and money.  We specialize in customized systems that give you the best ROI and operate day in and day out in all kinds of weather with a minimum of maintenance and downtime!  Let us help you select and implement the best one for your operation.

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