Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) & Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) Systems

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The unique benefit of AGV and AGC systems is automated movement of material without barriers to the flow of goods or personnel within your facility.  AGV and AGC systems can also be easily re-configured or expanded when compared with conventional material handling systems.  As an added benefit, these systems may often be less expensive than conventional fixed path conveyor systems!

Automatic Guided Carts (AGCs) can be used for material transportation and assembly line tasks for about half the cost of an AGV system.  AGCs automate material movement and help reduce non-value-added labor cost in distribution as well as manufacturing operations.

  • We offer several AGC models capable of towing up to 6,000 lbs. or carrying loads up to 3,800 lbs
  • Automatic Guided Carts are modular and handle small or large items such as totes, boxes, pallets - even car bodies
  • AGCs follow a magnetic strip adhered to the floor - this makes changing the path of travel quick, easy and inexpensive
  • More Automatic Guided Carts can be easily added to a system as your material handling needs increase


Typical Unit-Load AGC


Forked Vehicle AGC


Tunneling / Tugger AGC

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) differ from AGCs in that they have greater flexibility, additional capabilities and numerous design variations.  Automatic Guided Vehicle systems are also more sophisticated and offer features not found in Automatic Guided Cart systems.  We offer both AGV tow vehicles and unit load carrying vehicles.


Typical Tugger AGV


Typical Unit-Load AGV

Each type of AGV comes in several models to handle different load weights or vehicle configurations.  Custom Automated Guided Vehicle configurations to handle unusual loads can be provided to meet your needs.

All of our AGV models use an advanced inertial guidance system.  This system consists of: a solid state gyroscope to sense vehicle movement; a CAD-derived drawing of the vehicle guide path loaded in each vehicle's onboard memory; update magnets installed in small holes drilled in the building floor and a central computer controller to manage vehicle traffic.  Unlike other AGV systems, this system doesn't rely on visible physical reference points mounted on vertical building surfaces or continuous guide paths installed in or on the building floor.  Our AGV guide path can be changed by modifying and down-loading a revised CAD drawing into the vehicle's memory and moving / installing a few magnets in the floor.

If your material handling needs may include an AGV or AGC system, give us a call.  We can do a survey of your facility and handling requirements and give you a recommendation on which system is best suited for the task.  We can also provide the necessary material handling equipment to interface with your AGV or AGC system to help you get the most out of your material handling investment.

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