UltraRail Pallet Rail-Shuttle System

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UltraRail Pallet Rail-Shuttle System


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UltraRail Pallet Rail-Shuttle System

UltraRail Pallet Rail-Shuttle System

The new UltraRail™ (patent pending) LIFO pallet rail-shuttle system combines the benefits of push back, drive in and shuttle systems to provide a cost effective way to expand capacity, improve productivity and reduce costs.

The UltraRail pallet storage system eliminates access aisles and converts the end of each lane into an active storage and retrieval position.  Each lane can hold up to 10 or more pallets.

The UltraRail system uses mechanical force, not gravity, to move pallets in or out on its rails.  After the first pallet is loaded at the front of a lane, the second pallet pushes back on the first, moving the UltraRail chains.

When it's time to retrieve pallets, the lift truck tilts the front pallet in the lane and, as it backs up, the weight of the front pallet moves the chains and brings the other pallets stored in the lane forward.  When the front pallet has been removed from the lane, the pallet behind it is automatically in position for fork truck removal.

UltraRail pallet storage system offers major benefits over drive in systems.

The UltraRail system offers four times the speed and 100% increased selectivity over drive in systems.  It can double pallet storage capacity or eliminate up to 50% of existing floor space requirements, and can improve productivity up to 75%.

UltraRail system installs easily

The UltraRail pallet rail-shuttle system can be installed on new or existing pallet rack and drive in systems and can be expanded, shortened or moved.

Typical UltraRail System Applications:

High Bay Storage [] Pallet Picking [] Buffering and Sequencing [] Truck Loading [] Staging

UltraRail Pallet Storage System Benefits:

  • 100% space utilization (not pitched)
  • Every lane can contain a different SKU
  • Every face provides selectivity
  • More dense than push-back rack
  • Low maintenance, just remove debris occasionally
  • Pallets ride on UltraRail system which is designed to be more forgiving to pallet integrity issues
  • Improves operator health and safety
Pallet Rail-Shuttle Technology
Standard Model Specifications*
Maximum Pallet Weight: 3,000 lbs. Per pallet
Maximum Pallet Positions/Lane: 2 to 10 standard
*above 10 consult ISD
Operation: LIFO
Environment: Ambient, cool or frozen
Horizontal Rails: 3.5” high
Forklift Use: Any

*Consult ISD for full range of specifications and special models
All numbers are nominal and subject to change without notice