Automated Material Handling and Order Picking Family of Products - ISD

ISD UltraProducts
ISD UltraProducts

The UltraProducts is an exciting product line designed to provide cost effective automated material handling solutions.

Integrated Systems Design – ISD designs and manufactures UltraProducts to provide high impact material handling solutions for common every day distribution, multichannel and manufacturing applications.  Each system focuses on establishing new benchmarks in flexibility, reliability and cost effectiveness.

ISD Mid-Load UltraStore AS/RS

UltraStore Mid-Load Automated Storage & Retrieval System (ASRS).

The ISD mid-load UltraStore ASRS stores and retrieves loads and items including cases, pallets or material with unique sizes and dimensions.  A wide selection of mast, platform and extractor designs can be utilized to meet virtually any need.  In fact, the UltraStore ASRS system’s flexibility enables ISD’s engineers to utilize standard models or design and implement a custom solution … quickly and easily.  This results in quicker ROI than other manufacturer's systems.

ISD UltraSert Printer and Inserter

UltraSert Warehouse Manifest - Document Printer Inserter

The patented, automated ISD UltraSert family of warehouse manifest and document printers and inserters provides a cost effective solution to placing printed documents into a carton or other container without operator labor.  From manifests to documentation to sales material, every order can have customized documents printed and inserted automatically at up to 3000 pages per hour**.

ISD UltraBatch Dynamic Batch Picking

UltraBatch Order Picking Workstation.

The UltraBatch dynamic batch picking workstation enables continuous and dynamic batch order fulfillment to increase productivity and throughput levels while reducing labor.  The workstation’s lights automatically show the operator the quantity needed and where to place the items.  When all the items at the location have been pick and placed in the container, the container is automatically sent on its way to the next warehouse location and a new container is staged in its place … with zero labor from the operator.  Because the process is automatic constantly replaces individual containers with completed with a new container, operators spend more time picking and less time waiting.

ISD L_UltraRail_RGB

UltraRail Pallet Rail-Shuttle System

The UltraRail™ LIFO pallet rail-shuttle system (patent pending) combines the benefits of push back, drive in and shuttle systems.  This rail-shuttle system increases capacity and reduces labor at a fraction of the cost and complexity.  The system eliminates aisles and converts the end of each lane into an active storage and retrieval position.

ISD UltraPick

UltraPick Family of Order Fulfillment Software.

The UltraPick suite of order fulfillment software allows organizations to build from scratch or augment existing systems, equipment and processes.  From inventory control to order processing to Warehouse Control Software (WCS) to Warehouse Management Software and ERP integration, ISD UltraPick family of software and our integration experts are ready to help your organization today and tomorrow.

ISD Conveyor Material Handling Controls

Conveyor and Material Handling Equipment Controls.

UltraControl by ISD is ready to design or improve your existing system's productivity, accuracy, reliability, flexibility, throughput and safety while lowering costs by implementing best practices, off the shelf components and field proven experience.

UltraLights Pick-to-Light Family of Products.

The UltraLights pick-to-light family of products are designed for paperless picking applications.  This totally flexible family of pick-to-light and put-to-light systems is designed to improve operator productivity and throughput, increase order accuracy and extend order cut off times.