Pick-to-Light Systems for Order Fulfillment and Kitting

ISD UltraLights
Pick-to-Light Systems for Order Fulfillment and Kitting
Pick-to-Light Systems for Order Fulfillment and Kitting

ISD UltraLights

Pick-to-Light and Put-to-Light Order Picking, Multichannel Fulfillment and Manufacturing Applications

The UltraLights pick to light family of products are designed for paperless picking / putting applications.  This totally flexible family of pick-to-light and put-to-light systems is designed to improve operator picking productivity and throughput, increase order accuracy and extend order cut off times.  The UltraLights family of products can be used as a standalone workstation integrated into an automated material handling system or used in an entire zone or facility.

Pick-to-Light Operations: The UltraLights family of products is designed to direct the operator to pick the correct SKU (or item) and quantity of the item.

Batch Picking with Pick-to-Light Operations: The UltraLights family of products allows an operator to pick multiple orders simultaneously. To batch pick, a pick light will indicate the exact SKU and the correct quantity to pick for that batch.  Then Put Lights will show how many of that SKU to put into each order container.  When the orders are complete, a task complete button is pushed and the next batch of orders is automatically queued for picking.  Batch picking can be done using automated equipment, shelving, flow rack, carts or conveyors.

Put-to-Light Operations: Used in replenishment, kitting, order consolidation or the batch picking of orders, put-to-light is simply using light indicators to direct the picker to place the active or correct number of SKUs into the correct order container or storage location.

Flexible Pick-to-Light Technology to Match Applications and Customer's Needs and Budget

The UltraLights family is comprised of LED, LCD, tablet, touch screen, laser, monitor and beacon devices.  A full selection of power options: BUS, wired and wireless versions are available in the UltraLights family of devices.  Likewise, a full range of UltraPick software is available to drive the pick and put light systems.  From simple order processing to multiple zone order picking and consolidation to warehouse control software (WCS) to warehouse management systems (WMS) and ERP integration ... it's all available from ISD.

Solutions Approach to Pick to Light Systems

Every company and application has some unique aspect to their operation.  Integrated Systems Design – ISD approaches every situation from the ground up.  What is the objective?  What are the requirements?  What are the physical parameters?  What are the value added benefits ISD can provide?  Last but not least, what is the Return on Investment (ROI)?  This solutions approach and broad family of products truly allows Integrated Systems Design to find the best application for every customer.  Simply stated, ISD doesn’t walk into a company and say “we manufacture this light and it’s perfect for you no matter what your business is.”

Just A Few UltraLights Applications:

Order Picking | Returns and Reverse Logistics | Warehousing | Manufacturing | Store Orders

Multichannel Distribution | Parts Kitting | Order Consolidation | Lean programs and processes |

UltraLights Pick to Light and Put to Light Benefits Over Paper Picking Systems:

  • Doubles productivity
  • Helps reduce labor by up to 1/3
  • Increases accuracy to 99%+ levels
  • Extends order cut off times
  • Reduces labor requirements
  • Increases customer satisfaction and retention

ISD UltraLights Pick to Light System

UltraLights Pick to Light System

Pick to Light System