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Enhancing Order Packing Productivity & Performance

Order Packing Performance Test White Paper

The order fulfillment packers, and not the Green Bay type, in most operations is a special breed. They are asked to do just about anything and everything in a warehouse, including packing. Have you ever wondered how efficient they could be if they just focused on packing orders?

Let's get serious about packing orders and getting orders out the door. Most organizations spend precious resources on order picking and managing inventory, yet until the order is packed, the customer is still waiting.

You might be saying, "my pickers are doing great, I have no idea what this guy writing this is talking about." OK, let’s test your packing prowess.

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Do you have more packers than pickers? How about more than seven standard box sizes? Download the white paper to take the order packing test and then see some of the issues and how best to fix them and improve your customer service and satisfaction.

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