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ISD Space & Labor

Being competitive in today’s evolving marketplace is more than gaining an edge with a better or lower cost product or service. Competitiveness is backing up good research and development with reductions in the cost of doing business. Two of the biggest cost factors are space and labor.

Space & Labor Reductions For Warehouse, Distribution and Manufacturing Operations

A quick fix to reducing space and labor costs. In warehousing, distribution and manufacturing efficiencies in their operations has been to set up offshore operations. Going offshore provides space and labor for pennies on the dollar.

Increasing Warehouse Efficiencies

By calculating the additional off shore costs due to an extended supply chain, poor quality control, loss of intellectual property, corporate officer’s personal legal liability for product issues, and lack of responsiveness to the marketplace is turning many companies back to North America. By conducting a space and labor survey, business organizations can quickly gain insights into space and labor dynamics and how they influence profitability.

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