ISD Dynamic Batch Order Picking Work Station

Get Instant Information on Increasing Order Picking Throughput With The UltraBatch Dynamic Batch Order Work Station

The UltraBatch dynamic order picking work station continuously batch picks and puts orders to improve productivity by 33% and more per operator depending on your current system. Great for new facilities or optimizing existing systems.

Continuous and Dynamic Batch Order Picking for Highly Efficient Order Fulfillment Applications

The operator focuses solely on picking activities. Orders are automatically inducted and then routed to shipping or the next station automatically.

Integrated Pick To Light Accuracy and Accurate Order Picking

The operator simply follows the integrated pick to light system from the first pick to the end of a wave. Non-valued activities such as bar code scanning, order induction, carton handling and more are eliminated.

UltraBatch Automated Pick to Light Batch and Work Station:

  • Increases operators productivity by 33%+ to reduce overall labor requirements.
  • Operators pick 100% of the time.
  • 99.99%+ accuracy with Integrated Pick to Light.
  • Fast Return on Investment (ROI) due to reduced labor and additional capital expenditures.
ISD UltraBatch