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Ever since the advent of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) decades ago, companies have been enamored with the promise of enhanced storage, staging and distribution of items, cases, pallets and custom sized materials.  Depending on the type of system, an ASRS could reduce space requirements by 85% and use 2/3 less labor.  A company could re-deploy that saved labor to othe areas for further savings or increased production.

Mid-Load ASRS Not A Mini-Load or Unit-Load

Traditionally, there were two fixed aisle types of ASRS solutions: mini-load (for eaches and cases) and unit-load ASRS (for pallet storage). The problem is that for a number of companies, the ASRS specifications didn’t really fit their need.

Mid-Load Automated Storage and Retrieval System Provides Maximum ROI

This created a higher cost and longer ROI than promised or an over stressed ASRS.  In addition, some companies had unique or oddly shaped products that neither traditional ASRS systems could address.  Companies interested in ASRS technology wanted a lower cost and faster ROI solution, and one that could span both mini-load and unit-load ASRS requirements.

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